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The one about ROME

Adobe Project ROME Welcome to Project ROME – a new software offering by Adobe. The free software preview, available for a limited time, lets virtually anyone create and deliver stand-out print designs, digital documents, presentations and websites using its simple … Continue reading

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Show-off: Gesture driven navigation

Drawing is interacting Inspired by the incredible cool site hello monday made for Red Issue, i decided to try and  replicate that kind of effect and implement the technology in a Gaia Flash Framework driven website. See the result here I really wanted … Continue reading

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Freebie: 3D image rotator

Minimalistic 3D image browser (XML based) * ReadMe.txt file included and the .xml file is very well documented Minimalistic XML driven image browser using Papervision3D as the 3D engine rather than that of Flash Player 10(Which can be buggy, isn’t … Continue reading

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The one about the Google ad

Parisian Love – Aired during Super Bowl XLIV I watched this, immidiately loved it, and i’ve been studying it periodically since, trying to figure out excactly what about it I like so much. I think it’s the way they succeeded … Continue reading

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The one about webdesigners

Got what it takes to be a web designer? Consult the chart: Found this one at Six Revisions

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The one about LEGO

A LEGO a day… Just found this: Dan, another wordpress blogger, decided to take a LEGO-themed photo everyday for a full year. This has given birth to some really funny and creative images. Anyway, take a look for yourself at … Continue reading

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The one about H&M’s Autumn 09 website

Simple, and does little more than what you’d expect! It’s not a technical wonder, nor is it a mindblowing design or a big bubble of creativity, bursting in front of you, with all the colors of the universe. – It’s … Continue reading

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The one about right and wrong

It’s wrong to be right! Being right is based upon knowlede and experience and is often provable. Knowledge comes from the past, so it’s safe. It is also out of date. It is the opposite of originality. Experience is built from … Continue reading

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The one about velcro posters

Coca-cola and the new “Grip Bottle”. What better way of creating aweareness, than literally sticking it to people? I love to come across things like this. It reminds you, that there’s always an alternative, more fun way, to do things. French … Continue reading

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