The one about the Adidas 2010 Women’s Look book

Got this via @kriss_creol on Twitter.

This is The adidas Originals’ Women’s Lookbook for 2010. Not only is it sweet as hell, because the models them selves are behind the cameras filming each other, but also because they made the very smart move of making it embedable on blogs and websites like i’ve done below. Oh well, since wont allow linkage to outside flash files i’ll have to link to another blog. Check it out here.

It’s a little performance heavy, but otherwise it works great. You navigate på dragging vertically. Turn up your speakers too.

I believe the models are as follows

  • Agyness Deyn
  • Ciara
  • Ana Ivanovic
  • Whitney Port
  • Adrienne Bailon
  • Tallulah Morton
  • Louise Roe
  • Cheer Chen
  • Hyori Lee

You can, of course, view it at too.

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The one about the SublimeVideo Video Player

A HTML5 Video Player

I came across this very sleek looking HTML5 video player today and wanted to share it.

SublimeVideo Video Player

SublimeVideo Video Player

Like the vimeo player, this one hides all crontrols and just leaves a windowless video player when your mouse isn’t touching it. They obviously put a lot of attention into all the little details and animations which puts this one well above it’s competitors in my opinion.

Full Browser SublimeVideo Video PlayerIt also feates a sweet full-browser mode that looks a lot like Quicktime X’s full screen mode. You can even drag the little controls-box around.


Now, as i mentioned above, this player is a HTML5 product, which means your clients will need a HTML5 capable browser like Firefox 3.6, Safari 4.0 or Google Chrome 4.0. However, Jilion who makes the SublimeVideo Video Player(Quite a mouth ful), plans to add Internet Explorer support in the shape of a flash fallback player which, i guess, is nice for all of those IE-troubled people out there.

Anyway, take a look at the player right here:

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The one about the Google ad

Parisian Love – Aired during Super Bowl XLIV

I watched this, immidiately loved it, and i’ve been studying it periodically since, trying to figure out excactly what about it I like so much.

I think it’s the way they succeeded in associating varm human feelings with the otherwise cold and mechanical Google search bar. The subtle sound effects(plane taking off, giggeling girl, church bells etc.)  helps a lot of course, but there’s more to it than that.

What’s even more amazing is how they managed to show off a lot of the advanced features like the translation, maps, spell checker and flight status, while tying this sweet story together – and as a fellow creative, this one is a real inspiration to me.

When i look at the Google search bar, i’m not only looking at a tool now, i’m looking at at friend … or, you know … almost! ;)

Google Search Bar

Google’s own marketing department, ‘Google Creative Lab’, came up with this idea. You can read more about the Creative Lab at the NOD blog.

If you enjoyed this one, check out the one they made for Google Street View too.

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The one about Particles and music

After Effects particles and music

There’s just something divine about timing particle motion to music. Your call on the music though :)

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The one about breaking up and finding love

About the ‘Love For All’ campaign

Farfar in Sweden, has produced a really cool campaign for Björn Borg. It’s called ‘Love For All‘ and is consisting of 2 microsites and an old school TV ad with a sweet twist-ending.

I’ll be covering the micro sites. The first one is helping you to break off your current relationship and the other one helps you find new love (or a little extra on the side). These web experiences are pumping with great lille video pieces, edgy scandinavian humor and are just vibing with cool.

Though the production value is obviously high in this campaign, it’s clear that money isn’t the carrying element here. It’s a couple of great ideas executed very well through interactive deisgn!

Björn Borg’s Break Up test

Björn Borg break up test

Time for a little break … permanently?

When you enter the website (after sitting through a little too slow-moving preloader) it’s clear what they want you to do. Take the test to find out if you should “move on or stay strong”.

Here’s a few examples.

Question 1 - Does your partner annoy you in any way?

Question 1 - Does your partner annoy you in any way?

Question 3 - Have you ever suspected that your partner is hiding something from you?

Question 3 - Have you ever suspected that your partner is hiding something from you?

4 - Do you ever fantasize about someone else during intercourse?

Question 4 - Do you ever fantasize about someone else during intercourse?

Question 6 - What do you see in these pictures?

Question 6 - What do you see in these pictures?

They even help you deliver the message

When you’ve taken the test (takes about a minute or so), they let you chose between ‘The Clean Cut’, ‘The Friendly’ and ‘The Tear Filled’ pre-written text message that you can send directly to your lovers phone. It’s obviously all in good fun, but’s it’s a nice way to tie the web experience into the real world. It just provides that little extra something to complete the experience. It’s also a clever way of doing the ‘share with a friend’ thing. – wish i’d come up with that idea ;)

Okay, so you’re single again – Time to find some new love

Don’t worry, the hot blonde will help you.

The Björn Borg dating site – “134th largest in the World”

This pseudo dating portal will set you, or your friend, up with a new lover from the ever-growing Björn Borg database. It works like this; You define yourself and what you’re looking for through a couple of drop-down lists and finaly you upload a picture of yourself so the website can make a video of you and your new lover together.

Here’s a few screenshots of the result. As you can see, it’s not that good, but the stories in video itself will make it very hard for you not to laugh :)

At the seafood restaurant picking out the food

At the seafood restaurant picking out the food

At the seafood restaurant

The big wedding day

Happily ever after

Happily ever after


Overall it’s a couple of really well put-together, quality micro sites that will make you smile when browsing through them. it’s definately worth the 5 minutes it’ll take check them out, so i recommend that you do that.

Great work by Farfar for putting together and executing the campaign and i believe Showtime produced the videos.

Björn borg break-up site

Björn Borg dating site

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The one about webdesigners

Got what it takes to be a web designer?

Consult the chart:

Got what it takes to be a webdesigner

Found this one at Six Revisions

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The one about LEGO

A LEGO a day…

Just found this: Dan, another wordpress blogger, decided to take a LEGO-themed photo everyday for a full year. This has given birth to some really funny and creative images.

Day 342: The World was angry - Except for Leon

Day 342: The World was angry - Except for Leon

Day 355

Day 355

Day 258: Braaaaaaiiiiiiins!

Day 258: Braaaaaaiiiiiiins!

Anyway, take a look for yourself at Dan’s blog

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Tip: How to fix the QuickTime h.264 Gamma Bug

The Quicktime Conundrum

Ever since Quicktime 7, there’s been a weird bug when encoding h.264 videoes using Quicktime Pro. The gamma is being offset and the colors get washed out as shown below

Original videoVideo encoded with Quicktime h.264

Actually, in Snow Leopard, the entire system gamma has been shifted to 2.2 from the old 1.8, which means this problem, along with a bunch of other color-related ones, have been mostly fixed for people running that OS – More about that here

However, this does not fix the gamma problem if users with Mac OS 10.5, or god forbid, windows, were to see your videos. That’s because the system gamma only affects how your monitor displays content it doesn’t actually alter the content.

How to fix it?

There’s a couple of ways to do it. One way is to change the videos transparency settings to “Straight Alpha” (Windows) or “Composition” (Mac OS) – And then save the video again.

The problem though, is this method disables fast playback, i.e. the ability to start playback of the video before it’s entirely downloaded. It also seems like too much of a pain in the ass, to re-save every single video you’ll ever encode with the h.264 encoder.

You could also change your monitor color profile, but once again that only changes your own perception of the video, not everybody else’s.

Yesterday i ran into this annoying problem again, and decided it was time to kill that bug once and for all. That’s when I found this nifty little encoder. It cured all my gamma and color problems entirely – And it even turned out to be a much easier work-around. than those mentioned above.

Step by step

1: Go to and download the latest x264 encoder. (Current version is 1.1.2)

MyComet G3 x264 Codec

2: Inside the disc image(.dmg) you’ll find the following file “x264Encoder.component” The icon looks like a Lego block.

3: Place the file in: MainHarddrive/library/QuickTime. You’ll see a bunch of other .component files there.

QuickTime folder in the main Library

4: Now open a video in the QuickTime Player. (If you’re running Snow Leopard you need to find QuickTime Player 7 under applications/utilities as QuickTime Player 10 has been stripped of the ‘pro’ export features).

5: Go to File > Export(cmd+e) and chose ‘Movie to QuickTime-Movie’ as you normally would.

Export video settings window

6: In the encoder drop-down list you’ll find a new one, ‘x264Encoder’. Pick it and render your video as you normally would.

x264Encoder in the encoder drop-down list

Now your exported movie should look just fine. Easy as pie :)

7 (Optional): Now, if you want to go the geek-route, and really get messy with the video settings, you can. The x264 Encoder adds a neat little ‘settings’ button below the quality-slider.

x264 Encoder settings window

That’s it!

I hope this relieves some headaches and confusion around the QuickTime gamma bug. Do leave any comments below if you need something elaborated or I’ve provided wrong info of any kind.

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The one about the technology behind Google Street View

The technology behind Google Street View

When i first saw a link to this one on twitter, i actually hoped to get some insight on the way they run this incredible technology over at Google. Even though that wasn’t the case, it kept me smiling all the way ’till the end :)

– Great work by whoever made this for Google Japan.

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The one about H&M’s Autumn 09 website

H&M Autumn 2009 Website

Simple, and does little more than what you’d expect!

It’s not a technical wonder, nor is it a mindblowing design or a big bubble of creativity, bursting in front of you, with all the colors of the universe.

– It’s just a simple way of displaying their autumn line-up, with minimal effort required by the user, but still spiced with exactly the right amount of creativity, to make you smile  and enjoy looking around.


Why is this worth writing about?

When you come across as many websites as i do (I’m a graphic/interactive designer), it’s nice to stumble upen something, once in a while, that’s just excactly what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong; i love AR, alternative navigation and full browser Hi-Def-blow-you-away experieces as much as the next guy (probably more, since i chose to make excactly that kind of thing my living …).

– But this time i was really pleased with a website basically telling me: “Oh, hello Sir. Here’s our collection – You navigate with the arrow keys. If you find something you want a second oppion on, we’ve made a share function, and if you want to check out a combination of garments we’ve got a place for that – Oh and btw here are some fluffy leaves and slow music to set the ambience.” It took me around 5 seconds to understand every function of the website, but i stayed around for around 10 minutes and chose to write a blog post on my experience.

Anyway, take a look around for yourself – This one was created by the talented people at Perfect Fools, the award winning studio, who also made Mentos Kiss Cam among a lot of other very cool websites.

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