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Hello — My name is Jens and I'm a freelance full-stack developer. I usually work on medium to large scale projects. React, Elm, Node & WordPress

How to display your custom flash video player on Facebook

Tutorial: Custom video player in Facebook streams Facebook and the Open Graph Protocol allows you to define special meta data on your web pages that defines them in Facebook’s social graph. In this post i’ll show you how to set … Continue reading

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KONKREET PERFORMER is Redefining music apps “Konkreet Performer is a music control and performance instrument for the iPad. Its unique and intuitive multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
 actions directly with the music. Use PERFORMER to play your Synth, operate your … Continue reading

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The Google Art Project

Google Art Project takes Street View into museums As you’ll see in the video above, Google’s latest project is a cool new discovery tool for art lovers, which enable you to explore the worlds museums in an almost virtual reality … Continue reading

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Free online version of ‘Dive Into HTML5’

This will look great on your tablet!

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How to read the RSS feed of any Facebook page

Getting the RSS feed for a Facebook page Every Facebook page has an RSS feed. You can subscribe to that feed with your RSS reader. You can also embed it or build applications that utilize it and everything else you … Continue reading

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The one about ROME

Adobe Project ROME Welcome to Project ROME – a new software offering by Adobe. The free software preview, available for a limited time, lets virtually anyone create and deliver stand-out print designs, digital documents, presentations and websites using its simple … Continue reading

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The one about the Semantic Web

Organizing the vast amount of online junk From Wikipedia: Semantic Web is a term coined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) director Sir Tim Berners-Lee[1]. It describes methods and technologies to allow machines to understand the meaning – or “semantics” … Continue reading

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Show-off: Gesture driven navigation

Drawing is interacting Inspired by the incredible cool site hello monday made for Red Issue, i decided to try and  replicate that kind of effect and implement the technology in a Gaia Flash Framework driven website. See the result here I really wanted … Continue reading

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The one about HTML5 vs. Flash

Jump back in time with HTML5

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Freebie: 3D image rotator

Minimalistic 3D image browser (XML based) * ReadMe.txt file included and the .xml file is very well documented Minimalistic XML driven image browser using Papervision3D as the 3D engine rather than that of Flash Player 10(Which can be buggy, isn’t … Continue reading

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