The one about ROME

Adobe Project ROME

Welcome to Project ROME – a new software offering by Adobe. The free software preview, available for a limited time, lets virtually anyone create and deliver stand-out print designs, digital documents, presentations and websites using its simple all-in-one content creation and publishing environment. We hope you’ll give Project ROME a test drive, share your thoughts with us, and ultimately, help shape new features and functionality.

This new Air app from Adobe is pretty impressive in the sense that it must have taken a lot of time to build and plan, but honestly, it feels like there are already better tools out there for doing that kind of stuff. I mean, if you want to make presentations, Keynote works a lot faster, smoother and … well … better, and if you want to do cool, customized interactive presentations there’s just no way around it, you gotta learn some HTML/JavaScript/Flash etc.

You can give ROME a try on


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Hello — My name is Jens and I'm a freelance full-stack developer. I usually work on medium to large scale projects. React, Elm, Node & WordPress
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