Freebie: 3D image rotator

Minimalistic 3D image browser (XML based)

* ReadMe.txt file included and the .xml file is very well documented

Minimalistic XML driven image browser using Papervision3D as the 3D engine rather than that of Flash Player 10(Which can be buggy, isn’t true 3D, reduces quality etc.).

This means that this file also works with Flash CS3 and Flash player 9

No buttons and no preloaders. I cut everything but the bare minimals away to leave you with a minimalistic, clean and very flexible little swf file. It’s built on full object oriented AS3 following best practises for easy implementation in your own flash projects, but is of course just as easy to use as a stand-alone file.

Through the XML you can change the following settings:
# Width and height of the images(yes, you can actually do resizing without having to recomplile the swf.
# Duration of the flip animation
# Amount to sink back in z-space while flipping
# wobble along the x-axis while flipping

The powerful Tweensy engine is used for tweening.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have :)

* Tweensy and Papervision3D are both free and licensed under the MIT license. All necessary files are, of course, included.

Check it out here

Download it here


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