The one about the Google ad

Parisian Love – Aired during Super Bowl XLIV

I watched this, immidiately loved it, and i’ve been studying it periodically since, trying to figure out excactly what about it I like so much.

I think it’s the way they succeeded in associating varm human feelings with the otherwise cold and mechanical Google search bar. The subtle sound effects(plane taking off, giggeling girl, church bells etc.)  helps a lot of course, but there’s more to it than that.

What’s even more amazing is how they managed to show off a lot of the advanced features like the translation, maps, spell checker and flight status, while tying this sweet story together – and as a fellow creative, this one is a real inspiration to me.

When i look at the Google search bar, i’m not only looking at a tool now, i’m looking at at friend … or, you know … almost! ;)

Google Search Bar

Google’s own marketing department, ‘Google Creative Lab’, came up with this idea. You can read more about the Creative Lab at the NOD blog.

If you enjoyed this one, check out the one they made for Google Street View too.


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