The one about H&M’s Autumn 09 website

H&M Autumn 2009 Website

Simple, and does little more than what you’d expect!

It’s not a technical wonder, nor is it a mindblowing design or a big bubble of creativity, bursting in front of you, with all the colors of the universe.

– It’s just a simple way of displaying their autumn line-up, with minimal effort required by the user, but still spiced with exactly the right amount of creativity, to make you smile  and enjoy looking around.


Why is this worth writing about?

When you come across as many websites as i do (I’m a graphic/interactive designer), it’s nice to stumble upen something, once in a while, that’s just excactly what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong; i love AR, alternative navigation and full browser Hi-Def-blow-you-away experieces as much as the next guy (probably more, since i chose to make excactly that kind of thing my living …).

– But this time i was really pleased with a website basically telling me: “Oh, hello Sir. Here’s our collection – You navigate with the arrow keys. If you find something you want a second oppion on, we’ve made a share function, and if you want to check out a combination of garments we’ve got a place for that – Oh and btw here are some fluffy leaves and slow music to set the ambience.” It took me around 5 seconds to understand every function of the website, but i stayed around for around 10 minutes and chose to write a blog post on my experience.

Anyway, take a look around for yourself – This one was created by the talented people at Perfect Fools, the award winning studio, who also made Mentos Kiss Cam among a lot of other very cool websites.


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