The one about the Gaia Flash Framework

An amazing tool for flash developers and designers

Once in a while, you come across a tool, that changes the way you work forever.
This is one such tool and i have to share it!

Gaia Flash Framework Demosite - Made by TMRV

Gaia Flash Framework Demosite - Made by TMRW

Gaia Flash Framework

Gaia Flash Framework by Steven Sacks

What is Gaia?

Gaia is an open-source Adobe Flash framework that helps you save bucket loads of time, by automatically setting up and doing a lot of the tedius and boring stuff you always have to do, when developing flash websites.

How hard is it to use?

Although Gaia is an advanced tool, learning to use it isn’t difficult. All you need, is some basic understading of ActionScript and the documentation, introduction video and community will help you out with the rest.

What are the features?

There are a lot of them, and the ones you will use the most is depending on the type of work you do. Personally my favorites are:

  • The fast-responding and helpful community.
  • Automatic creation of pages and document class files simply by defining them as pages in an XML document.
  • Automatic SEO optimization and alternative content for non-flash devices. You can even, by the click of a button, generate html clones of all your .swf pages, completely set up with link structure and even styles based on your index.html.
  • Deeplinking – Gaia utilizes Asuals SWFAdress and automatically generates pretty URLs for all your pages.
  • Automatic transition between pages – Timeline or ActionScript based.
  • Automatic creation of a right click menu for easy navigation, based on the pages you defined in the XML.
  • Very easy to use, but advanced asset management.
  • Automatic, byte-accurate, preloading.

Alright, you’re hooked – What’s your next step?

Watch the introduction video and head over to to download a copy.

When you’ve done that there’s a couple of tutorials in the documentation with downloadable source files, video tutorials done by another blogger, and even this entire demo site courtesy of TMRW. Source files here.


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  2. This is an excellent. Loving it dude!

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    Some articles are very dried out and tough to read, your own continues to be very well created as well as educational! Many thanks!

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